Well, in a nutshell, FR is the cross of city of heroes plus post apocalyptic world.


Future Regrets (FR) is  a webcomic that shows a post apocalyptic world which happened when earth's heroes failed to save it. The story follows a group of people that try to cope in a scorched and on the verge of destruction Earth, but that's not the most difficult part, an old enemy is rising again and Earth might not be able to survive this time its fury.



Introduction to Current Events.

"The year is 2732 and the world has never seen a better day than this one. Mankind has finally placed its roots in space by  placing several space stations in the solar system, and by colonizing mars and the moon, we are at perfect harmony with ouur heroes protecting us----"


That's what someone from This place would tell you, but in reallity things are much worse. The actives atack the passive and powerless people just because they can, there are rebellions surging from everywhere, the media tries to cover up the conflict from the few people that doesn't knows yet, but they cannot hope to win.  Some say that the best place is to live in the stations, that at least life is somewhat better there, but the trips there are controlled by the goverment and the other ways to reach them are rather risky to say at best, and to make matters worse, some say that a new faction is forming from the shadows. No one knows when a war will sprout, but the only thing they know it's that it will be soon.


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