by Deo

Hello. i'll try to make this as long as i can, which hopefully will make ths entry larger than five lines of text.


Well, last week(june 3-7), was the finals week, whicn meant that i had to "study" (well, i didn't but i was doing another things equally or far more improtant than that) . Most of them were quiet easy, yet there were two or three that were a pain in the ass to answer, because of time restrictions or because the teacher didn't put anything related to the subject in the test (and thus, we were forced to cheat). Then everything was "fine", and then friday appeared. Which was the day i had to go to another city (woo, eight hour travel!! ¬¬) to take a test for my university (i'm going for an animation degree btw). Its a pretty sweet university, it ahs almost everything, or everything i might and will need, they have some of the best(at least that's what they told us) learning tools in the whole country (they have toon boom and maya, along with several otehr programs), and altough it was kinda small, it has literally all the things, even a set to make , well, not movies, but some small commercials. it even has the green screen and cameras and stuff, including the suits that are filled with dots( its official  name beats me).


Now coming more to recent times (yesterday), i was checking the mail, and i got the acceptance letter from the university, which means that i'll be going to university on september, but also means that i'll have to find a house (no, apartment no, it's better a house) to live on. move all my things to the new house,and get used to the city which is like three times bigger thatn the one i'm living right now.


well. that's all i have to say right now.