by Deo

So... first of all happy easter whoever celebrates it and happy vacations to anyone that uses this time for that. If you are doing the second one right now, i want to tell you to enjoy them and do wathever you wanted to do (supposing it's legal, and if it's not.... well,mehinvite me). 


Now to the news.

well, i've already told you that i would delay the coming of chapter twoso i could concentrate on my cakups, and stuff like that. i'm keeping that promise, and after the vacations are over i'll start chapter two. 

Also... i've managed to get some time to "upgrade" the page. Nothing huge at the moment, just some font changes and colors and stuff, but it's the beginning.Keepng up with the good news, i've also abtained help with the comics, which is awesome (after all i kinda get overloaded with school, friends, work, etc.)


well, it seems like i don't have so many things to say so, goodbye for now!