i'm an illness magnet.
by Deo

long time i've not updated this blog site, well, to be honest i've had a lot of more important things to do in the last weeks, some regarding to my school and others more on the personal and most egocentrical part of me if i could say it in some way.But now i'm back! and i realized something that somehow scares me.

Every time that i try to do something productive and/or beneficial to myself, everything will try to stop me.


Am i unlucky? cursed by some ancient evil being?or my mind is working against myself? i don't know, but it would be great to have the answers, because for example, i've been going to the gym since last week(woo hoo, one more thing on my new year's reolution to cross!) and literally this was my schedule that week.


Go to the gym. feel like crap and go to the doctor. take a day off to recover. go again to the gym. feel like crap and go to the doctor. take a day off.

Basically that was last and this week's schedule. i'd love to say that it was because i was out of shape and trying to procrastinate, but no(except the first two days, which some friends assured me that it was totally normal to feel like someone that had been tortured in a medieval machine), apparently all the illness in the nearby areas around me said "oh look, that boy is trying to do something productive out of his life. Let's make his life miserable so he can eat chips and fries again."   And you know,? they almost succed, (having a cold, then a horrible tracheal infection, then an intoxication caused by lettuce... you begin to wonder if someone hates you when things like this happens one after the other), Almost being the key word here, and the fact that i've already paid the gym for the whole month.