Enjoy all the things
by Deo

I'm not good posting on the blogs or anything that requires more than ten characters but here i go.

This happened to me earlier in the day and made me think about lots of things. Well, i got mugged(again). The funny thing is that i'm not angry (or doing any kind of crazy stuff right now(that was the first time)), but instead it made me reflect.


It made me think that even tough i lost my clock and my cellphone (nothing very costly, like 120 dlls) i realized that they NEED it to get the money(maybe they need to pay for a debt, or don't like their legs broken... or drugs, either way they NEED the money(tough the last one is kind of not just)), and also that those two things are just material things. 


And also i'm not mad because i'll find them by friday on the loan shop.