Comic 55 - Page 2 chapter 3

27th Oct 2012, 1:35 AM in Chapter 3
Page 2 chapter 3
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Deo 27th Oct 2012, 1:35 AM edit delete
(page under construction, i'll finish the shadows and lights later.)

Hello people, i have some news for you.
first, i'm been really tired lately, and it's because of the comic, that's also the reason that the comic isn't updating on fridays(and i'm beginning to give you half updates), i just can't keep up doing this and school at the same time( i have some difficult tasks right now ), so i won't update next week. i'm hopeful that it will help me get straight everything.

I will make a haloween update(actually several, but shush), so be happy for that.
Also, i will finish this page, just giving you the flats for today.

ok, i can't keep up like this, so i'm not going to update (story wise) next week, but i will make a halloween update.

see ya people
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